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Re: Re: Re: Ground Control:

Originally posted by ROB89M3

Bryan first find out what the actual cost is and then ask them to order it for you...better yet why don't you just give them a call and order it from Jay himself at Ground control....

You can pay too much for something anywhere,not just Raven,IF you don't do your homework first....

So quit saying Raven/Bavarian is a rip off !
Whoa, relax man! Geez, I know how much they cost already and usually Rob at tunerworks hooks me up but I dunno what happened to the guy, he simply disappeared. Anyways, Raven is known to be expensive. I didn't say anything about Bavarian. But you know places that charge a lot for labour are usually quite cocky and have an atitude like, hey thats my price, take it or leave it.

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