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Originally posted by jello_g
I restored the plastic lenses on my Mazda using 3M Imperial Wetordry sand paper, with 400-, 600-, 1000-, 1500-, 2000-grit and then following up with Meguiar's #17 (plastic cleaner) and #10 (plastic polish). Looks great but requires a lot of elbow grease. Finer grit sand paper would have saved me mucho time for sure. mpower1226, do you remember the name of the store at Pacific Mall?

There are alot of modeling stores in pacific mall. but there is
biggest one with alot of displays. They have them.

I forgot the name, they are located at the corner.
You should be able to purchase these sandpaper any modelshop

The key to the whole thing is you have to rub the compound
hard, I mean REALLY HARD.

Until, it becomes clear.

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