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It was funny he was SOOOOO pissed as I went for the thrid time

I got another one for ya

E30 M3 vs E30 325i Sport

I had just pick my mate up and we was on a way out.

As I pulled out off the slipway on to the main dual carridgeway , I got stuck behind a slower car and couldn't move to the outside lane as there was a car coming up quite fast in that lane. I waited till he passed so i could pull out.

It was a 325is, So i though we would have a play to see what he's got

As I got behind him I could see that he wasn't running a standard exhaust.
He must have know what car I was as he pasted me only seconds ago.
He stuck his foot down so i knew it was on!

We started to accelerate from about 75 mph I stuck with him and could reel him in quite easy ,especially in 5th gear, A gap in the traffic appeared and he pulled over so I floored her as I wasn't using full throttle all the time to keep up with him, and blew past him no worries at about 130 mph by this point.

So I slowed now to give him another try, dropped her to 4th and floored it,he stuck with me for a few seconds ,but then I started to pull away, easy kill.

But then it should be as the M3 has better bhp is lighter and better aerodynamics, but it was fun all the same.

His turning came up all to fast, he flashed his lights and I flashed my hazzards, it cool when there like that, and don't get all upset cos they got beat
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