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BMW alarm rip off

If you purchased a BMW factory alarm system with your Z4 did you know that there is no motion sensor? I found this out recently, when I bought my car I was told with the top down everything will be safe inside, including the centre glove box.

But try this out, lock your Z4 up with the remote, top down. If you reach in, the alarm won’t go off. If you climb in, the alarm won’t go off. Even if u turn on the radio, the damn alarm won’t go off.

And get a load of this, if u press the lock/unlock button (below the handbrake next to the hazard signal button) the centre glove box will unlock its self, you can grab everything inside and the alarm wont go off.

I took my car back and I had a lot of hassle convincing them it was their fault, cos the misrepresented the product. It took me a while but they finally agreed to get a motion sensor installed. They had to special order the parts from Germany.

it was in the shop for 4 days before i got it back!!

to fix the problem they had to get an alarm system with the motion sensors form a Z8 because the Z4's dont come with one at all. when they tried to fit they had problems cos it wouldn't take with the 2003 computer systems.

so they had to update the general modules and comp. systems. then it finally worked after alot of work for BMW.

i found out that there is a bullitin out on the Z4's about the lock/unlock button being able to unlock the center glove compartment. but its not a recall, basically BMW are aware of the fault but wont bother fixing it until u ask.

if u were given the same impression i was by the salesperson about the alarm system having a motion sensor, get the dealershipto fix the problem. it took a while for me to get it but its def worth it. The service retailer told me my car not carries the same specs as a 04 Z4 and i'm the only z4 equiped with a z8 alarm with motion sensors.

Also two stage brake lights are avail in US later model BMWs just need the function swithed on by BMW. Canada is still waiting

check out
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