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I just sanded and polished my headlight

well, my headlights are pretty foggy and yellowed over years.
And Today, I decided to clean it up.
Here is what I did...

Since U.S spec headlight we use, are plastic, I thought I might be
able to wet sand it and compound it. So I did.

I went to pacific mall and grab me a set of ultra super fine sandpapers and compund for modeling use. (Which is usually for
plastic models.) from TAMIYA.

The sand paper package contains, 2000, 3000, 4000 grit fine.

Normaly, you will never find these super ultra finish sand paper at these numbers.
Also grab me a compound from same brand.

First I start up with 2000 wet sanding my headlight. and gradually go up to 3000 and finish with 4000. (4000 feels like a
paper). Now I touch the lense and feel it, really smooth...

Now I go with compound rub the hell out of headlight.

its like brand new.. now, when I touch the lense, reallly smooth,

If you cant afford new headlight or ellipsoid like me, try this method. I thought it was the inside lense that was dirty but..
no, its outside shell thats dirty.

Try, and you will be amazed.
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