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Leave me outta this.......we had won 2 games in a row..then we lost and I was a little cocky(joking around) I said how do we rack the balls again it's been so long ......from there on all down hill, lost like 8 games or so in a I took my ball and went home....

Aziz: Thanks man had a good time and not too expensive....I like your J-body(inside joke)

Alain: No there were no goats involved this time, there were a few hotties. There was a camera crew and the whole nine yards with some good looking women. The girls were outside and they see us walking in and one of em is like"Oh my god why are there so many bimmers" in a real ditzy voice...That ruined my night..

Brandon: Bimmercruise in October..Toronto, would you be up for that? There is another thread about the 4th on here....Trying to get a little caravan going...

Lee: *cough*Choker*cough*

1994 318is-Sold July 13th 2010.. Sad Sad Day
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