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Originally posted by E36_M_Power
If anybody is worry about getting hurt going to track, then maybe he shouldn't be driving...shit like this happend everyday on the street, and even more severe.
I think Shannoville is the safest track in Ontario, flat ground, no walls, low speed corners.
Also I think my car on the street is POS, uncomfortable, suspension and my sparco seat, make the car pretty bumpy..loud(got used to it)
but on the track I found it handles pretty good, maybe I just didn't push it too hard...

BTW: The CRX driver left the hospital this morning, first thing he did was going to see his car...
Very true, I'd be more worried about people who street race. I've heard more people spinning out and killing someone in an illegal street race than incidents at the track.

Glad to hear the guy is ok, his car isn't so lucky! Looks like a write-off.

Hey so is the 28th still on?!


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