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It was safe enough that I did not have to be concerned about my own safety. People spin out and crash because they push their cars too hard. Nobody was really driving wrecklessly. Everyone obeyed the rules. You don't pass in the turns so if someone spins out, there's less chance of them hitting you. Tail-gating will usually put more stress on the driver infront, thus making him spin out. At any rate, I would definitely go again.

If you're so worried about things like this, maybe you should forget about ever tracking your car. If you'd expect to just drive around like you would on the streets, why would you pay money and drive almost 2 hours there to do that? The whole point of a track is to drive more agressively and learn the limits of your car.

Shannonville is a relatively low speed track with lots of tight turns. Usually when you spin out you just go out in the grass, not into a wall!

The funny thing about the track is, on the street you think your car handles amazingly and has an adequite suspension setup. Once you get on the track, you realize almost everything you have is crap!
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