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I forget which turn, but it may have been turn 5 as well.

Anyways, he spun out because he was taking the corners way too fast. One thing I should point out, there should have been more safety checks for the cars. I saw a civic with tires which were pretty much bald (no, they weren't drag slicks). Cars like that shouldn't be allowed to run, especially since the track was quite packed with cars. I had to constantly look in my rearview checking for faster cars and letting them pass. At the end of the 4th lap I had serious traction problems. My car was sliding like a bitch, that's when it's time for the pits.

The CRX that rolled over spun out, then the front end dug into the dirt. I saw a huge splash of dirt then the car literally popped up into the air, flipped and landed hard on the driver side of the roof. Once it hit the ground the car flipped back on it's wheels. Apparently, I was the only person who witnessed the whole thing.

Is next weeks lapping day still happening?
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