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p.s. for anyone else who wanted to know. It has AM/FM only... and remote controls for a sony dvd/cd/mp3 deck which you can mount elsewhere. This is an old model from 2001 and has been discontinued.. the current MSRP is actually $980 CDN according to Sony.

It's kinda ugly... ok well that's an understatement. it's very ugly.. but it does its purpose. other problem is ... face doesn't detach. this unit is a sitting duck in your car.

but i'll buy it anyway... still a good price.

Sony Xplod 7" Motorized Mobile Multimedia Audio/Video Receiver

When you're building a mobile audio/video system piece by piece, you need a reliable component that'll act as your system's brain. That's where Sony's XAV-7W audio/video receiver comes in. With built-in 4-way high power (22 watts RMS/45 peak x 4), the sensitive SSIR-EXA tuner for AM and FM reception, and Sony's EQ7 (7 EQ presets and a 7-band equalizer) for precision tone-shaping, the XAV-7W gives you a firm base to anchor your mobile A/V system around.

It has a wide screen 7" TFT display (with 16:9 aspect ratio) that does double duty as system info center and video monitor (videos can be viewed only when vehicle is parked). Hook up an optional CD changer, connect a Sony XM Satellite Radio tuner, or just switch on the AM/FM tuner — the screen will display your system settings, disc titles, radio station names, or channel info.

Two auxiliary A/V inputs let you plug in an optional Sony DVD changer, a portable audio player, or even a video game system. Connect a second monitor to the video output so your backseat passengers can watch movies while you drive. When you're ready to upgrade to subs and component amps for theater-quality sound, high-pass and low-pass filters on the three sets of preamp outputs let you tune your amplifier/speaker system without the need for an external crossover.

The Dynamic Soundstage Organizer improves imaging by widening and elevating the apparent speaker locations in your vehicle — very useful if your car has front speakers mounted in the lower doors. A wireless remote is included for your convenience.


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