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Mostly just the normal stuff like lights randomly turnign on and off and wierd noises. I'll give you a couple of stories.

One of the guys who is a few years older than me would go to bed every night at 2 am, and every night he would here the cold-air dorm door open and close, then he would hear radiator pipes rattle around the room until they got above his bed where the sound would stay for a few second then move on, finally he would hear the door open and close again. This may not seem very odd until you realize that there are no radiator pipes in the room!

Another story is that one night the cook made jello for dinner and put it in the fridge in the kitchen. At dinner time a couple of guys went to get the jello out of the fridge and they saw a couple of kids walk into the pantry where the jello was at, when the guys walked into the room, there was noone there, but when they took the jello out of the fridge, there where small handprints all over and there were chunks missing.

Those are just a few of the wierd things that have happened, but nothing really scary, its almost as if the ghost is just having fun.
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