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Originally posted by thinair
When are you guys planning on going? Hardwood Hills is a nice venue, but unfortunately it´s not ´Northern Ontario` like you say, 15 minutes past Barrie is still southern ontario.

yeah, we were planning on going to some place called 'gogama'... its about 8 hours north... but that will come later at the end of August.In the next 2 weeks we're headed up there... will post exact date in the day or two. Its hard to find a date where everyones off work,

Most likely either July 16,17,18 of not... 30,31,01... staying for just one day, (its not that far)

+ i'm still a beginner... just getting into it. Used to have a Trek bike... and had a fun time with Macieks Carbon-Fibre Gary Fisher....

but made my first investment into another TREK last week... posting pics in photo section...


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