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Originally posted by jeremy
well, last night was was fukin' packed....we got there at like 10 to 9 ....normaly we don't head to the bar till 11:30 ....needless to say, it was a GOOD thing we got there was lined up around the block later on....

i went back to the house and did some drunken' pocket biking....i was drivin' through the park by my gf's house and there was an undercover cop in the parking lot....he see's me and start's to pull foward....i turn around and fly to the other exit (on the grass) he turns around and goes out the exit to go around the block and check me at the other entrance....soooo instead, i drive across the grass and baseball diamonds to my gf's back gate (she backs onto the park).....only problem is i cant get her gate open , i couldnt undo it from the other side of the i jump the wobbly old woden fence and fall into a bush the gate and drag the bike in ....i cut my back on the jump/ it was funny ....i'm like everyone get in the house quik
lol didnt know undercovers chill at park??
that jokes.. couldnt make it time yesterday...

Glad u guyz had fun..

Next week who is goin?
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