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Originally posted by Mystikal
I don't think there's one E30 owner out there who doesn't have something that needs to be fixed/tweaked/painted/sanded/oiled/completely-replaced at any given moment.

That's true and Don't forget about us earlier e36' always needs to be done....

Alain: you need clips? I need to go to Otto's and get some bulbs, probably tomorrow..June 24th (St Jean de Pepper Day)....let me know..

Everlast: Amazing Pics, yeah I don't blame you for not posting pics of Charles's is a Bmw site...J/K Charles.
And I would say go with the clear fogs....just my $0.02

Now where's some video footage???? Dave??? Anyone???

Adam: I'm still waiting for Sunday to see If I can truck it down to Bimmer Fest, Coc#$ucking Work...I hate it....

1994 318is-Sold July 13th 2010.. Sad Sad Day
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