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Sorry, 9lb wheels???

Did you say 9lb race wheels? And what size is that, and what the heck are they made out of?

I've seen 15/16 inch wheels getting down to the 15 lb range while still maintaing structural strength, but 9 lbs?

Holy sh!t that's light. My RK's weigh in at 16.5 lbs (weighed 'em myself), and I thought that was pretty light for a 17x8 wheel.


Speaking of places to weigh a car, I'd like to weigh mine as well. I'm (wishfully perhaps) hoping I've got mine down to about 2700 lbs or so (E36, with absolutely EVERYTHING stripped out).

The E36 was quite a bit heavier than the E30's, so a lot more power needs to be added to balance out the increased bulk. It's fairly easy to get an E30 down to 2400 lbs (Allan Lewis' car is about that heavy), but nearly impossible to get an E36 that light.

2700 lbs is about as low as you can go, without replacing body panels with carbon fibre and/or fibreglass pieces. Of course, an acid dip would help as well, since you could easily get all the rust proofing off the bottom as well (which is another 100 lbs).

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