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I am at the Corel Centtre all day competing. My day starts early in the morning there because I am helping out with Tech Inspections and we expect a lot of cars this sunday.
I cannot take part in your cruize, but if you guys end up at the AutoX then I will be SORT OFF in the cruize.
If time allows at the end of the day then there are also so called FUN RUNS. These are extra runs for registered competitors at the end of the day without the timing. We can take out other people for a spin as well.

Anyone competitor can take out passengers for a drive, even during competiton, however, some top drivers prefer to go solo because when you meassure the time by hundreds of a second, every extra little bit of weight counts. Sometimes on the first or second runs I don't mind taking a passenger since it's more a 'get the feeling for the course' run. In the afternoon it's then serious business.

But there are lots of other drivers who are more down the field and don't mind taking passengers out. You can borrow a Helmet there, sign a waiver and hold on to dear life.

AutoX or SOLO II as we call it too has really improved my driving skills. Its a low cost entry into Motorsport and I recommend it for everyone. All you need is a car that passes a Safety inspection on site, good brakes, nothing falling off the car and if you don't have a helmet, you can rent one there. (Motorcycle helmet is okay as long as its a SNEL95 approved or newer).
You get classified into a group of cars depending on the number of modifications (or Stock) and you are only competing within this group of similar cars. We do have a Novice group as well. Then you get a course map and walk the course several times to find YOUR best line (and don't get lost in the sea of cones).

It's all just fun stuff, and it all comes down to DRIVERS SKILL. Worst thing that can happen is you spin and knock over a few cones.

Look for a bronzit beige 85 325 with the number 19.
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