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Originally posted by msix
If I would not be commited to that Race Weekend I would love to join in. This bimmerfest sounds like a lot of fun. Is this a special meeting for E30 or for all BMWs?
Well I hope you have a great time there.

I'm surprised you havn't heard of it..its been featured in many magazines, and has been running strong for several years now...its one of the largest BMW gatherings in north america...and yes its for all types of bmw's last year there was an isetta...some mini's, a bunch of 8 series....funny though I didn't see an M6 check out my webpage with pics that I took while I was down there....they are big pics though. and unfortunatly I ran out of room on my memory card, so I didn't get to take as many pics of the show as I would have liked...but here is the site.
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