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Originally posted by msix
I am glad you enjoyed the drive, Chromius. It was a really nice day and the roads were perfect for a nice brisk drive through the country. The best part was that we encountered on more than 220 km of driving a total of only TWO cars in front of us that were holding us up a little, but luckily they had to go somewhere else after a few kilometer.

It was nice to see some new faces and hopefully you liked it enough so we will see you more often.
In our Club (BMW CC Ottawa) we do all sorts of different activities. The sunday drive is the more relaxed event of the season. The members are all enthusiasts for many years and we love our cars and in particular the driving part of it. Some (like my M6) are more like a Showcar, but they get driven hard down the street just the same. We also have another similar, but much bigger event in the fall where we meet with the Montreal Club and we drive in a long train of about 50 BMWs up to Tremblant and we have there a "Show & Shine".......

......Anyways, I am just an old fart and I am getting tired from writing so much, but come on out some times to a meeting or some events, we can use some young blood in our group, and you would be surprised how much there is still to learn out there.

BTW, there is a Lapping day in Shannonville comming up with Instructors. It's not organized by the BMW Club, but I am helping out there too and there will be a few BMW CC members. It's on Friday, July 2. Lapping Days are a lot cheaper than Driving Schools but equally fun. I will send you more information if any of you are interested.

Thanks for the compliment on my car and the driving, Chromius.

Thank you for an awesome cruize, and I'm sure you will be seeing more of me It was a lot of fun. If I wasn't going down to bimmerfest I would definitly come for the lapping day, but unfortunatly there are quite a few people waiting for me to come down, as I am the Ottawa rep for a caravan going down to bimmer fest, where will be meeting up with 50+ bimmers from all over north eastern canada and usa.
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