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thanks for the replies -

I checked the airflow meter, and it looks to be in working condition.

I havent checked to see whether or not the injector is spraying however. When I say it isnt getting any pulse, I mean that when a test light is hooked up to the jack, there is not light. Depending on the car, it might light up or only light up when it is in use.

There is a secondary fuel pump?

What exactly is a DME?

It cant be the started, because it is cranking over fine, and it wants to start.

My thoughts are this: I just recently purchased the car, and it had a lot of old gas in the tank (4 yrs old). I've been meaning to change the fuel filter, and that is what I think is preventing it from starting. Mainly because it could possibly be clogged so bad it isnt allowing enough fuel to pass through quick enough. Any thoughts on that?
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