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Shannonville Lapping Day

Originally posted by M3ti Compact
how does the open track day work? wouldn't there be like a lot of cars on the track? No passing right?

<-- track n00b
I think the track is open to anybody. There were about 30+ cars that day. Not everybody goes on @ the same time. Its usually about 7-10 cars on the circuit @ a time. When those guys pit in, a next set of cars are ready to go on next. And so on.
As for passing, they have some simple rules to follow.
1)If a car behind you wants to pass, you must signal to let him know its ok to pass you now.
(usually the High-beam rule works)
2)First timers on the track are suggested to drive with their 4-ways on, to let other drivers know to be carefully.

It was a good event. I had lots of fun. thanks to the organizers who set up the lapping day (joe)

And for those who are debating to track your car or not???
It is a must, to see the capabilites your car has on the track (not the road)
Ohh and if you do decide to track your car, I strongly suggest to do some maintance before you go.
Your TIRES, BRAKES, & SUSPENSION take a serious beating
Can't wait till the next one!!!
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