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Originally posted by SickFinga
got a couple of questions regarding the vide:
1st - How come there is nothing faster than that bimmer, and he passing Porsche like rascals. And it is not even m3.
2nd - Why it says Lotus Eclipse V8?
3rd - Why it make a louder noise when he upshifts??? It doesn't make sense, when you upshift you lower the RPM, so sound should pitch should go down, not up.
1st: Maybe because it's the driver. They put him in midfield and purposely make him work his way up. Unless he got penalized during qualifying and was put to the back of the pack
3rd: Like what rob said, the Sequential gearbox, but i love that sound!

Anyways, the STW cars were used in the British Touring Car Champinship, German Touring Car Championship and also the Austrialian touring car for all I know. I used to watch it on Speedvision, but since it's stupid now, they don't show it. Also BMW dropped out of the BTCC, German, and Austrialian around the mid to late 90's for all i know.

Got any more vids of the E36 STW Rob?
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