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Originally posted by aascenzi
Would it be worth the effort for me to bring my ride? The car is pretty much stock, here's what's been done:

Dinan chip, performance clutch, drop-in K&N filter, 3" exhaust from cat-back, stainless steel muffler and crappy 15" tires.

What do you think?
you dont have to be fast to run,they'll be lots of ricers to pick on ...its about running and learning how to be consistent..once you start running the quarter you get hooked,you'll be begging them not to close the track untill 5 in the morn your first time sure they'll be some competition there for you..they usually team up cars that run about the same times,or friends that wanna race..

some come on out,you'll love it!and with that done to your 90'll be suprised how quick you can run

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