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oh man....a sunbeam tiger..small ford v8 in an alpine sweet!!!what a rare think when i was 14,i had an alpine for a field carthat car was what taught me how to fix and maintain cars.. ...if i only knew what they'd be worth now..

and thats just a replica of an old lotus 7,the caterhams are cool but i think id rather have the original lotus...i met a guy out west that scored an original lotus 7 from an old lady whos husband died,it was in the barn under a tarp for 10 years before she put it in the paper as "an old british car"..he got it for 1500$...turns out it had race history too...roten SOB

im gonna have to come to some of these meets,post up the date/time/location for me when you're going..i'll meet you there

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