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Originally posted by crusher
Ask him to show you the trunk, check for any cracking there.. I believe you already know the diff problem which tends to crack the trunk from too much heavy driving.

Interior are pretty much consistant, old and new has the option of solid black or two tone interior.

Both m coupe comes with power seats..

new m coupe has the gray gauge like the new M3

There's no stock cup holders, those are optional or you can get them from for a couple of $

There is no arm rest.. you can get them from too

the transmission is pretty much the same both have 5 speed manual

some M coupe has premium which has sunroof, Cargo Net, and headlight washers..

sunroof only goes up and down

Old M coupe's rims are plain chrome which newer M coupes has shadow chrome rims.

Both has the same wheel specs you can plug rims to the older to the new and back

both m coupe uses the same oil 10w60 castrol rs
actually, the s52 uses regular 5w30 synthetic....the s54 takes the crazy expensive 10w60....

either way, the car will run amazing...i've had(have) both.

check out for more info on the changes by model year under reference section.

2002 s54 phoenix yellow...packin' a well-lit sport button!
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