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Originally posted by wunderkind
so it comes with no cup holders? sweet! more reasons to tell my missus not to bring in bubble tea!
Maybe i'm missing something, how on earth can a differential crack the trunk? it shook so much due to the stress that it kept hitting the floor of the trunk? yikes!
haven't driven an m coupe yet... hopefully soon. but the sounds of it, may be comparable to a 968 that i tried not long ago.
lol i wouldn't recomend having any kind of drinks while driving

the diff mount from the m coupe shares the same as our fellow e30 3series.. the mount doesn't hold up with the added power the m coupe produces which tends to rip apart from the trunk. BMW will in good faith (some documented cases) repair it if your under warranty. You can also just have your personal mechanic weld the bmw oem support kit.

I haven't driven the 968 but i believe the power on those monsters are around 300HP which translates to torque monster heheh..
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