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Update on Project E30 4.0 v8

Well i stripped down the car completely, nothing left but the bare body which is getting sand blasted as we speak and is going to be painted sometime this week in metallic orange. As for all the other parts, some of the parts i've kept to see if i can reuse them like the whole interior; although i'm planning on putting in a e46 m3 interior rear lights. I sold the E36 m3 engine, it was a nice little package but it wasnt enough for me, so going in will be a nice 4.0 liter V8 plenty of power there. Fuel system?... i just got rid of it, wasnt even worth to save it. It was in terrible condition so going to get a stand-alone put in. As far as suspension goes i got rid of everything, getting all new stuff custom made out of magnesium/titanium or alloy not sure what yet. From the front I removed the hood, grille and grille-spoilers. I'm going to get them all painted and clear coated so the paint doesn't chip (the grille is a faded black color, i have to get that done so it looks mint). Lights?... i'm keeping, but putting in xenon bulbs: a must! aswell as angel eyes and eyebrows. Mirrors i sold and getting new e46 mirrors on aswell as the e46 side fender vents that proudly say M3. Rims, i'm going with 7.5 x 16 with a 25 or 35 mm offset and in the back going with 9.0 x 16 with a 15mm offset. should look sweet. Anyways, besides that there isnt much except of course for the electrical system and that's getting replaced aswell with a new one. The convertbile top i'm getting rid of. I'm gonna find myself a hardtop convertible so i can have the best of both worlds. As far as body work goes, I might go with a e46 front bumper and e36 side skirts and custom rear bumper with duals on the back. Probably gonna go with a Dinan or AC Schnitzer, or maybe with Scorpion or Magnex would be nice, we'll see. I already have the new engine just waiting for the body to come back and for the subframe for the v8 with the engine mounts to see what i have to change but no big deal it's definitely worth the work. As far as that, i havent thought that much ahead. Well, that's it for now i'm gonna try to snap some pic up as soon as the body comes back so you guys have something to drool over.

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