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HELP!! Going insane for rims!!

hi everyone,

OK, 2002 325ci Apline White. What rims would make the car look sick??

I'm in love with those 19" BBS CH rims. Someone,(not sure who, if it is you please pm me) at the Bimmer show and shine had them. I think it was a silver e46. Anyhow i'm leaning towards the BBS but does anyone have any suggestions, pics, or looking to sell anything?

Also, i'm a stock kind of gal. I like clean looking cars. Cars that don't attract the wrong kind of attention. Are aftermarket rims that don't have the BMW center caps usually frowned upon? OR aftermarket rims in general?

Please give me some advice guys!!! I don't think i'm lowering the car right away so that's why i want to go bigr right now.

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