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If anyone knows about being pulled over, I think I deserve that title. My car is a rolling ticket. I've tried to "clean" the car up of any illegal reasons and I still get nailed for improper muffler. Went to court and faught it (and lost).

Always the same questions.... "is this car road leagal?".... "do you have Nitrous Oxide in here"....... "what kind of racing do you do, and what does it do in the quarter?"...... "do you have catalytics?".

I've gotten a ticket before for yellow bulbs (too many warnings on the blue ones) so now I''ve just got Xenon.

I've been warned about having a CLEAR license plate cover on (ANY cover is an obstruction).

Also got a ticket (no warnings either) for no front plate (had my German one on, and my Ontario on the dash)... went to court and won that as well as the yellow bulbs.

Never been caught for speeding though, or wheelies (do them all the time).

Just be careful, IMO it's not worth the hassle.... even if he lets you off with a warning, it's documented and the next cop will definetely nail you.
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