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Originally posted by ROB89M3
Compared to the V1,how good is it?

Is there a website that I can view to see more details on it?
Why did you change to V1? too many false alarms?

I might be interested..let me know.


Last year, I drove down to NOPI and brought a wad of money with me incase I saw something worth buying.... nothing turned my crank except from the odd Ho.... so on the way back I decided to stop off in Cincinnati and see what all the hype about the V1's are all about. I bought one (even though I had 3 Bell's at home).... I drove to the nearest postal station and shipped the box, instuctions, cord, clip to my house and smuggled the actual detector across the boarder.

How does it compare? Well, I didn't exactly have both side-by side for comparison purposes, but the Valentine does tell you where and how many signals are out there..... that's a cool feature. It does have fewer false alarms too, but I still don't think those few feature are worth the $680 I spent on it.
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