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Originally posted by Mystikal
Okay guys, this is the final update for tomorrow's events. We are meeting at 10:45 at Kennedy Commons. We are also leaving there at 11:00 (seriously). Be on time or miss everything.

Ashbridge's Bay is at Lakeshore just east of the DVP. You'll see the huge park signs on the south side of the road.

See you all tomorrow morning. I'll be at Kennedy by the latest 10:45.

Hi Jason,

did you get my email? I asked if you could call me on my cell phone (I assume you have one) when you are about 3 to 5 minutes from the bottom of the DVP, as I planned to wait just south of Lakeshore on Carlaw and join in the line as you all pass Carlaw. Or else I'll just wait there and hope I can get out of the parking lot in time when I see you all pass.

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