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I love this topic@@...

Let's see.

I'd buy a Mroadster, Mcoupe, E36 M3 sedan, E36 M3 coupe and the LTW M3 normally aspirated. The sedan will be supercharged using a vortech blower, the coupe will be turbocharged by AA. An E46 M3, an E30 M3 EVO III, E30 M3 with dropped in 3.2litre +aa turbocharged or vortech blower. whahah! I love it. All the inline 6 bmw's except for the E30 EVO III.
I don't care about ferrari's, lambourghini's.
i'd maybe also pick up a Porsche 911 GT3-R.
But, BMW ///M-Power all the way & for life!

Oh ya, also Canon or sony's top of the line DV camcorder, Nikkon's coolpix 990 or whatever top of the line.

I think i don't really need a big big house, a medium sized house is fine for me. In terms of where to park the cars, hmm that could be a problem *drunk*

Last but not the least, tuition money for track/performance driving schools (skip barbers!!)
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