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Work done on the 525i

-springs - fine
- shocks - replaced abouttwo years ago
- gas tank and fuel pump replaced about 9-12 months ago
- no oil leaks. Oil pan replaced a couple of years ago.
- thrust arms/control/arms/sway links - the handling of the car is very good, so I assume they're OK
- A/C is perfect. Compressor replaced July 2002; rad replaced before that
-In June, 2002: replaced coil, ignition wires, rotor, cap, all fuel injectors and seals
- muffler, resonator replaced several years ago with OEM parts, and have a lifetime warranty ($13 charge for replacement if needed)
- engine overhaul done in April/02:
- rebuilt head
- oil pump
- hoses
- fuel pressure regulator
- upper strut bearing
- sway bar links
- head gasket
- piston ring set
Total spent over about 30 months was over $8600. The 'lifetime' exhaust (muffler and resonator) cost about $1,000.

Let me know if you want more info....
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