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yo Sebster i saw you car parked your car beside me on Queens Park Crescent a couple weeks back... I had the black e30. if you wanna get your paint back in showroom condition you can do it yourselft. it just takes alot of work but its worth it.

1. first you'll have to CLAY your car with a claybar. mother's sells a claybar kit at crappy tire, its like $20. but that and use it on your car. it will remove all the toxins, tree sap and all other stuff from your clear coat.
2. then use a polisher to remove all the scratches from your car. i recommend using Ziano products.
3. finally use a wax to seal the shine and protect the clear coat.

it ususally takes me 2 full days to complete the process but when people see my car and they are like did you repaint it, and i say no its the original paint
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