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I finally got my baby back. If I knew how to do smiley faces, I'd put down about 600. I've probably put on 3-400 km in the past two days that it was returned.

Here's an update for those who are interested; I talked to the alignment guy and what he did was he made new notches in the crossmember in order to mount the trailing arms differently, reducing the camber to a (more) reasonable amount. I definitely noticed less camber than my buddy's 325 (same as mine, same springs) but handling wise it's hard to compare (different tires, spaced much farther out on his).
Tire wear should be much better. It also allows for toe-in to be adjusted at any time for the rear wheels, which is apparently impossible stock. I don't know how he did this exactly, but I'm going to find out more.
Handling is great, I can't tell if that's because of the notching or because of the new back tires or what... but I would recommend it if anyone has their crossmembers out, because it only cost me 1 1/2 hours of work (75 bucks CDN) once the piece was off the car, and I think it'll save me more than that in tire wear.
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