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Took out a Piss Yellow Ricer last night!!!

My and my buddies had nothing to do last night so we drove around 16th and Woodbine looking for a race. We saw this piss yellow Honda Civic with body kit and "fins". So I'm like aright I'm gonna take this mofo out. I pushed it behind him and tailed then over took him. He started to tail me down woodbine and then the road turned into a one lane road. He then then pushed harder and got closer to the ass of my car so then i pushed it and lost him again. After I lost him i didn't think he would race but then he got on my ass again and we played chase again and lost him again. We've gone so far right now. We've past Bloomingdale. Then the road turned to a two laner and i slow to let him next to me so we can race. We both gun it and when I hit 2nd I started to pull on him and smoked him. I kept going hard until I lost his car in my rearview mirror. Biggest rush to take out that piss yellow civic.
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