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Your brought up a good point MorningCruiser and that's my problem:
1) I don't know BMWs that well yet (I need to read more about BMWs and study more in electronics. I know the basics such as gauge of wiring, ohms, volts, and amperes conversions, AC/DC but only to a small degree).
2) I have no garage to do the work in.
3) Between school and job I'll only have 10-20hrs a week to reserve for car work.

Trouthfully, I believe I could do the install if I knew all the parts, parts numbers, and had the proper equipment needed and a good work area.

grk325, I think there is a driver of an S50-E30 on that wrot an article about the install. Hopefully, someone (EMPOWERD or Jeremy) will post here they've done the M50/S50 type swap, so maybe they'll be of some help.
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