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You guys are right, I am lying. I have raced competitively for 4 years in 3 different racing series. If I say I chirp fourth, I chirp it. To me, chirping and wheel hop are all one in the same. I will take a video of me banging the gears one day, I spin second for a while, then chirp third, and get wheel hop in fourth (enough to make my CD skip). Why would I make shit up? I have a 500whp Talon that I could just make shit up about, why would I lie about my winter beater?

Maybe it's due to all the salt, my winter tires, and the overall slickness of Dixie? Maybe not, but you should be straight on one thing, I don't need to lie. You guys would probably think I never got a 13.8 out of a stock S4 besides a catback and short shifter either, but I got the slip.

I have better things to do then lie about chirping a gear.
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