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88 325is Vs S10 Extreme

well. Was driving down lawrence one time in the summer.. when my car was ****ed... my drive shaft mount was ****ed.. rusted out i guess.or drive shaft bearing i dont remember.. and so my cars busted ass.. making a funny noise in everygear above 300 rpm.. so this guy pulls up to me in this extreme.. and he rolls down his window.. trys to get my attention but i was zoned out.. so finally he honks at me.. i turn my stereo off.. and im like yah.. hes like you wanna race.. i was like.. ahh i dunno my car ****ed.. and revved to let him here the ****ed up sound.. hes like comon itll be fun.. i was like whatever.. so light turns green . ate him off the line, in second and the shift to third he was at my bumper.. so were coming up on elements coffee place on lawrence.. typical pact parking lot of done up cars. and i fly by at 6000 rpm in 4th and at that time.. there was 3 holes in my muffler the size of golf balls so they car was so damn loud... buzzed passed them .. hes still behind me.. in my rear view i can see most of the guys from the parking lot walk to the side walk.. to see who won.. if you know the area you know what im talking about.. so i started to downshift as the pharmacy light was red.. and i had to turn right anyway.. so i down shifted and that car in 2nd at like 5000 sounds like a ****en beast.. so as im comin to the lights.. all these guys from the donut store.. were all like that bimma just owned that punk.. and i smiled and turned and got drunk... it made me feel special just thought id post it
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