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Originally posted by Jaghaath
It is the best at it's own class. It's not supposed to be the best at everything and there's no other car that is. I just don't get your point?
My point is, why drive a car that does everything well but nothing great?

Originally posted by Gamite
Especially the ones driving Black E34's named Miguel.
guilty as charged

Originally posted by e28535isghost
who said you cant race a 5er??????? that looks like an e28 M5 to me!! kinda looks like hes side by side with that m3 2??
I think that E36 M3 is slightly ahead, Its definately ahead in tuneability, parts prices, parts availibility, handling, raw power, and resale value.

OK, here's something to think about... for the price of a new 5 series.. why not buy a Corvette Z06 for the summer and a used Subaru Impreza or Legacy for the winter? Subaru>5er in winter, pricing, gas consumption, & handling... Z06>5er in almost everything except fit/finish & interior.
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