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Originally posted by Jaghaath
It's a BMW=drivers car. The E39 has been said many times to be the best cars in the world. When the E34 M5 came out it was in the league of its own, same with th E28 M5.
And what't the point comparing 5-series to some crappy neon or S-class, it's like comparing apples to oranges. If I wanted a luxurious car I'd buy a 7, if I wanted a fast and nimble car I'd buy a M3, if I wanted a good winter car I'd buy an iX or X5. What would be the point of other models if the 5 would be the best in all those categories?
Yes, I am comparing apples to oranges... did you miss the point of the question I asked? why is this car so great when it is not THE BEST at anything?

Originally posted by Jaghaath
Are u stupid or just a troll?
Relax boy, I own a 5 series... Im just causing trouble. No need to be an internet tough guy.
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