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Talking Hates a strong word,and I hate hondas

I havent had my BMW in 4 months i live in the United States, racing was the last thing on my mind, If any car wanted to race i wouldnt have, except for a honda! I hate Hondas. Me and my buddy where crusin, im in my 325is and he is in his Jetta glx Vr6, nothing better then Fine German engineering. So we stopped to eat, and then a 99 civic si pulls next to me reving that sad engine of his he had (intake exhaust and cams he said). I said yea whatever. Lights hit green and took off, he never was ahead of me, i pulled on him in every gear, smoked him bad. And then my buddy said later he raced a Honda CRX, those go-cart lookin motherF*ckers w/ a engine swap. He raced that in his VR6 and he said the crx pulled on him threw second gear, and then my buddy smoked it. And as always they are sore loosers, they peal out at the next light screaming. Well thats my story, I am new to the site, im glad i found home with all the BMW enthusists

my car- 93' 325is- Alpine white, ac schnitzer body kit, 18in antera wheels powder coated alpine white, euro elipsoid headlights, bilstein suspension w/ eibach sportline springs, remus exhaust, cold air intake, ac schnitzer pedles ,short shifter w/ ac schnitzer knob. Ill post pics Soon hopefully!

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