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Re: Thanks for the tips guys...

Originally posted by 323Ci-vm
Thanks for the tips and suggestions guys.

I think I'll try Chuck's for the short term and will try and do my next oil change myself later in summer. I agree, I just need to do it once or twice to get a feel for what to do right. Also, I may take up Zimmie on his offer (if it still stands..) later in summer when I try and do it myself. Also, I hear at times Walmart and Costco sometimes have specials on 5L Mobil 1 Synthetic so can save a few more $$ there.

Changing the oil isnt a problem, dumping the used oil is a problem though.
By buying oil at canadian tire and oil filter at BMW, you will only save like 15-20 bucks. Those are the reasons why i dont do it.

But again, if you wanna do it, it is really easy, especially on a bimmer where oil filter is in the engine bay.
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