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Originally posted by 328DTM

That's true, but sometimes it depends what kind of track events you attend.
Such as some Shannonville track events I have attended.

Teutonic lapping days are very controlled and safe.

The first one I attended, which was by Car Wings or something, was a little bit more wild. They allowed passing everywhere on the track. Although it's more exciting, there's the danger of one driver colliding into another. In some ways it sort of induces all drivers to drive even more aggressive and since the driver level varies greatly, well, mixing them is not a great idea, esp. if a newbie tries something aggressive on a more experienced driver.

Street accidents, I think, are a bit more dangerous, because you run into higher chances of hurting the innoncent (i.e. pedestrians, other cars not invovled in the street racing)

mike why are u trying to outsmart me?? hahaha jks bud.....thats tru...but see we r saying that...but i can bet u anymoney on our next cruise there is gonna be a lil racing. but aslong as u have ur limits its not that bad.
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