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Originally posted by 97 Z3 2.8
You found that nut right?
If not, don't bother looking to hard, just get to work taking the head off.
You didn't do any cam work did you?
Sometimes the hydraulic lifters will make a little noise if you haven't fired it up for a while. Hopefully that's it.

Glad everything went O.K. BTW how much did Eurospeed charge for the kit?
I haven't looked yet, hopefully tomorrow. I'm hoping it's the lifters or something, I need to go buy a thin magnet grabber thing to put down the injector port tonight. The one I had was too big. I might just pull the manifold off again if i can't find a thin magnet tool.

No cam work yet, supposedly my M3 cams are in the mail.

The Eurospeed kit was like $1000CDN for the software, hosekit, and to get the ECU socketed; and that doesn't include the manifold itself. They can be bought for under $200CDN.
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