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Actually on the record I will tell you that even without dean cockpit does amazing installs, they were the ones who helped me through the majority of my install. They actually just did a bmw recently to, it was 330is i believe, they took out the entire back seat an replaced it with 2 new seat panels that they made custom out of vinyl and mdf, the bottom seat panel housed a katpion 2 channel amplifier that lit up from the bottom in blue neon, and in the back rest portion of the seat they installed 2 kaption 10 inch subs. The coolest part was that when you open the trunk you can even tell where the back of the sub box is because the contoured it to the shape of the trunk and carpeted it to match. It looked very slick. I would definatley trust cockpit with my car any day.

PS: I forgot to mention that on that bmw they did such a good job of building the seats that they didnt have to drill any new holes in the car or modify any interior panels, all the boards are self suporting and fit together like a puzzle, that way should the owner decide to sell the car he can simply remove the custom seat panels from the back and reinstall the original seats with no problems.

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