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Originally posted by mack_daddy
Hey mitch man remember me the kid from cockpit? Well I thought I would show you some pics of the custom install that I did on my trunk. Unfortunatley I dont have pics of the completed work yet so I will show you some of the ones I do have for now:

The amp rack consists of 2 mdf panels, the bottom panel is the actual equipment rack the all of the gear is bolted to and it also serves as a top to the sub in closure for 2 ten inch woofers which now utilize the spare tire well as their home. The second panel sits on wooden shims about an inch above the the bottom board, its purpose is to hide all the wiring and connections to the amplifiers, eq, and fuse block and only allow you to the the top of each component through a plexiglass window. The best part of this setup is that when the stock carpet is in place its impossible to tell that there is even a system in the car and on top of that my trunk space still remains 100% usable.
For sure I remember you. Howz everything goin'? Your install is lookin' good. In all honesty do you think that Cockpit does good installs? I know you work there and of course you're gonna say "HELL YA!!" but in all HONESTY would you say they do A+ work? Dean is the one who makes the custom trunks right? How is he quality wise?


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