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Talking killed a Grand am

I was on my way home from school today and me and my buddy were in the car discussing what speed do i need to get to to break traction on these curves on 14th that say to go to 40km/h... i said about 100km/h. But thats a whole different story. I looked over and saw that this guy in a grand am kept looking over at me. I didn't think he wanted to race so i'm like what ever. The light turns green and the guy launches hard. I pushed hard too cuz i wanted to see what speed i can take this turn at. The guy had a little bit of a head start cuz i didn't launch. So i gunned it to catch up. I entered the turn at 80 km/h or so and his car was getting freaking close cuz he had the inside lane. I passed him on the turn and beat him by like 2 carlengths? I slowed to make the right turn on to my street and he saluted me and drove off.
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