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Well, i finally got off my ass and finished installing the manifold.

It took a while actually, but I got it to work. I turned the car on and got no check engine lights which is good, even after letting the car idle for like ten minutes. I'm not taking my car out on the road as of yet. This is the first time that I acutally cringed when I turned the key, just waiting for something to go wrong, and I don't know why.

All I have to do now is swap the chip with the M50 intake manifold program.

The only thing that has me scared is that one of the valves (in cyl 5 or 6) are ticking now and I don't remember it doing that before. I thought it was maybe from me not starting the car in a couple months, but it never went away after letting the car idle.

I might have to pull the manifold off again and make sure nothing fell into the intake ports I'm going to pull off the fuel rail/injectors first to see if I can look down there, but i dunno. If there is something there I hope it's not small enough to fall into the combustion chamber. Maybe I'm just worried.
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