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Pioneer DVD

Just because I will not sell it to you for the price that you wanted does it make you feel like a bigger or more important person to come on to the thread and knock my sale.

I think that is rather sad and childish.

Those units on ebay for starters

you dont even know if they work
you have to pay duty on top of the price you pay
you have know idea if they are scratched or abused

With my unit i will be more then happy to let any buyer come and see it. I will let you use it and put a movie on to show you that it is in perfect condition.

Lets take the price of the units on ebay

Cheapest one i saw was about $850 U.S. so about 1200 canadian.
Now take 20% of that and add it on for duty looking at about another $240 Now lets add $60 for decent quality shipping with insurance.

1200 + 300 = 1500 for a unit you have never seen and you dont know if it works.

Good idea buddy you should go pick one up.

Mine is $1500 for a unit that you know works and is less then one month old. Mine also comes with a 3 year extended service plan from future shop. I think i will stick to my pricing.

Like honestly what are you bitching about if you like the ones on ebay so much get one.

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