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Smile Whistling 325!!

Last night my friend and I picked up these chicks from 108. After a few fun hours we decided to give them a ride to their place in Toronto.

On my way back I saw this e36 with an E46 m3 Phoenix Yellow paint job (I think). It looked great. I step on the gas and got closer to it. The car was lowered and had winters. I wasn’t in the best condition to drive . But I heard a whistling sound coming from his exhaust that made me (How you say ) HORNY. so we lineup at the next set of lights. And give each other a good look. I didn’t think he would race. And in the back of my head I didn’t want to race either because of my condition . Light turns green and he jumps ahead (I didn’t think he would race so I didn’t launch my car) he was ahead of me by a ½ Car length through 1st, 2nd , and 3rd, once we hit 4th, I started to pull hard. I passed him at 160 and ended the race at 180 with me ahead ½ car lengths.

So we pull up at the next lights.

Him: “what do you got”
Me: “stock 328is” “how about you”
Him: “it’s a 325is”
Me: “it’s not stock is it?”
Him: “ya it’s stock”
Me: “what’s with the sound coming from your back

Him: “hehe I don’t know, I swear it’s stock”

I didn’t believe him. I don’t think stock cars make whistling sounds, something was fishy. Oh btw, the car was debagged. (Do you guys know this guy? This took place at Mavis and 401.

Do you know whats the sad part>> i had more fun in the 2 mins with the e36 then i did in the 3 hours with the gurls.
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